Privacy Policy


  • a privacy policy is a statement that explains how a company collects, handles, stores, shares, and protects customer’s personal and often sensitive information gathered through their interactions with a website..
  • The words “privacy policy” probably conjure up images of grayed-out, minuscule links at the bottom of a website..
  • Truth be told, it’s probably ignored by most site visitors, but it’s a legal document that’s crucial for any website — especially for an ecommerce store..
  • It not only reassures customers that their private data will be protected, but it also helps you meet regulatory requirements..


  • Since the privacy policy is a legal document, it can be tricky to understand as a retailer and confusing to write by yourself. ..
  • You have to assess how you treat customer data, all while making sure that you’re acting in line with government regulations..
  • Plus, you have to communicate your policy in a clear and transparent way that customers can understand...
  • Writing and implementing a privacy policy is no easy task, but the tips below will help you understand exactly what an ecommerce privacy policy.

User Account Information

  • why you need to create one, what your privacy policy should include, what data to collect, and how to comply with international guidelines..
  • Before we get into how to craft your privacy policy, let’s first get into the why. Here are the top reasons a privacy policy is necessary for ecommerce businesses..
  • In addition, ecommerce store owners need to both limit their risk as well as manage the expectations of their customers to avoid any misunderstandings...
  • As an ecommerce store, you will undoubtedly be collecting personal information from customers and visitors to your site such as name, age, address, email and credit card details. For obvious reasons, .

Use of the Website

  • many will want to know that this information is in safe hands, so an accessible privacy policy on the website will demonstrate your commitment to security while helping to build confidence in your website and business...
  • You must post a Privacy Policy and that Privacy Policy must provide notice of Your use of cookies that are used to collect traffic data, and You must not circumvent any privacy features (e.g., an opt-out) that are part of the Service.
  • Finally, a privacy policy also serves as protection from potential lawsuits from customers as well as other businesses...
  • If your ecommerce site is sued, you can show that you have in place a publicly stated privacy policy that clearly declares what you do with the sensitive information collected..


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